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Tactical Grilling Apron

I know I know. You want to go out to grill and you don’t have a thing to wear. I’ve heard it over and over, many times. Well, consider that no longer because OnYourGrill.com has found the perfect attire for your grilling pleasure.

k-bigpic3Although the entire ensemble on the right looks pretty intimidating, especially if you are a lowly hamburger or bratwurst, but the actual accessory I’m talking about is much more toned down as shown on the left. However, it is probably much more useful behind your grill. However, it does come in “camo” for those who would wish to sneak up on their spatulas.

Tactical ApronThe Tactical Chef Apron won’t stop bullets, but it will help keep your shirt or skin for that matter from getting hot grilling residue all over, all the while it will make you look like the grilling gorilla that you are. But as a side note, a great Tactical Grilling Apron will also ensure that you don’t have to move from your spot at the grill unless you want to. (Maybe)

The armored apron has a full fledged MOLLE system for comfortably fitting all your tools, spices, and other artifacts of the grilling adventure. This apron may look like you’re S.W.A.T. team ready, but don’t try to take on any REAL bad guys unless they need another brushing of marinade. (Real bullets will probably go right on through, but hot sparks from your grill probably won’t.)

I found them on Amazon at various prices from around thirty bucks to over sixty.

The apron is 100% cotton. Machine wash cold with like colors and hang-dry.


Who Invented Charcoal Briquettes?

Hot BriquettesCharcoal briquettes were invented 70 years ago by Henry Ford, who wanted to get rid of wood wastes from his automobile factory. At the time, wood was used extensively in the automobile frames. Ford and his brother-in-law, E.G. Kingsford, manufactured charcoal in the same fashion as Connecticut Charcoal.

The following is a reprint from Inquirer Magazine:

UNION, Conn. — Tomorrow, millions of Americans will prepare meat, sauces and aromatic smoking chips and then set fire to their outdoor grills. It is an elaborate holiday ritual that many practice with religious devotion.

But only a few chefs will give even a passing thought to the most basic element of barbecuing – the ubiquitous charcoal briquette.

Mark Greene wants your attention for a moment.

“Do you know what’s in a charcoal briquette?” Greene asks with the authority of a man who knows the answer. “Well to begin with, there’s little, if any, hardwood charcoal in it.”

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