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Build Your Own Barbecue Smoker! No Welding!
Build Your Own Barbecue Smoker! No Welding!
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FTC Disclosure

FTC Disclosure

 (Required government disclosure stuff)

SITE INTENTION: It is not the intention of OnYourGrill.com to misrepresent any product or service presented on the OnYourGrill.com web site. Our goal is to serve our readers to the best of our ability with information that can be used for the betterment of all our readers. But as all information, we cannot be held libel for any damages, or under-performance of anything presented on this site from use, misuse, misapplication or any information or product described on the OnYourGrill.com web site.

If you feel that the OnYourGrill.com web site does not provide you value or is not being upfront in its reviews, products or services, then, please, stop using the OnYourGrill.com web site and go use another site that you feel more comfortable with.


Or better yet. Turn off your stupid computer, throw it into the trash, and write with pen and paper 100 times:

“I’m an idiot. I can’t think for myself, so my Government will for me.”

Then send it to your congress-‘person.’   And…   Don’t forget the freakin’ stamp!

HOWEVER; if you do feel that the OnYourGrill.com web site provides you value, feel free to use this site and tell all your friends about us!  We think you’re valuable too!


COMMISSIONS: OnYourGrill.com may or may not receive a commission from links provided on this site.    (gov required sentence)

OKAY! Let’s get real for a moment, can we???
We aren’t trying to pull ANY wool over your eyes and try to make you buy a bunch of crap from us. All we want from you is for you to try out some of our recipes, have some fun and decide we’re cool or at least ‘okay’ and maybe try another recipe or so. You can also get on our emailing list and we’ll send you some more free recipes and stuff and maybe you’ll like us enough to buy something from one of our advertisers or maybe one of the other products we have on the site. Maybe even tell your friends or tweet about us how great we are. That’s all. (No wool.)

YES! The FTC now requires this disclosure on many web sites to protect you.

Do you really need the Government to make me tell you that this is a business and if you click on one of our links that “maybe” we’ll make some money. (See above under: “Or better yet.”)

Jeze, where has all the common sense gone?

Long story short. This is how the OnYourGrill.com web site stays online. We do our best to provide you a great service, and the ad and product revenue you generate is what pays the bills. We do this site for you, our readers. Feel free to patronize our advertisers, many of which you already know and trust.


PRODUCTS: OnYourGrill.com may or may not have received products for evaluation and recommendation on this site.     (gov required sentence)


TESTIMONIALS: Any testimonials provided may or may not be actual findings of the person providing the testimonial but may be an actor reading from a script.    (another stupid gov required sentence – HA! stupid!)


(BTW The Chocolate from the ads here on our site is to die for.
It aint no Milkyway, chicks dig it, and it goes great with grilled ‘anything’ as an after meal thing, or a before bed thing, during bed thing or after ‘bed’ thing – Melted or not😉


RESULTS: Typical results will vary depending on the application of any product.    (gov required sentence – duh!   Really?)


NOTICE: This site contains stuff, and most of it is great tasting. and…
If you buy something here, or click on an ad, we’ll probably make a little jingle.

(hopefully enough to pay our web hosting fees for another month.)

OmahaSteaks - Chateaubriand - Literally Melts In Your Mouth
OmahaSteaks - Chateaubriand - Literally Melts In Your Mouth