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Grilled Bratwurst

Grilling brats on your grill (bratwurst, not those pesky neighborhood kids) This can be very rewarding when you take that first bite and your whole taste factory explodes with delight! And you did it all on your grill, yourself.

To get started, when you’re at the store, be sure and check the brat packaging carefully. Many stores carry brats in both “pre-cooked” and “raw.” For this recipe you want “raw.”

If you get precooked brats, then just nuke them and serve. Don’t bother putting them on your grill. Your guests WILL see that you aren’t a TRUE grill master and may not ever come over again. Don’t invite me either. (If you do invite me, I’ll probably give you some advice then charge your silly butt some ridiculous fee! 🙂

Okay. Do yourself and your guests a favor and do NOT do the precooked thing. Real “Cooks” don’t use pre-cooked brats, and that’s that! Enough said…


Go get the “raw” brats a day or so before your event. Buy some really good beer too. When you get home, depending on how many brats you need, grab one or more really deep pots or bowls and fill them about half full of that great beer you bought. (Some people say that the quality of the beer is not important. But, in my humble opinion, that is totally bovine excrement!)

Remember, you will be judged on the quality of brats you serve. So, with that in mind, go for the really great beer. And grilling is more fun with good beer too.

Take some pots and/or bowls and fill them about half full of beer. Remove your “raw” brats and put them into the beer laden receptacles. Impale them with a fork to be sure that the beer enters the meat. I usually stick the fork into one side three to five times, then turn the brat ninty degrees and do it again offsetting the punctures. Don’t make the holes too big either or juice will leak out when cooking. When done, cover them and put them into the “fridge” to soak up some of the beer.

Grill the brats on the grill, nine to ten minutes or until browned and cooked all the way through. Turn them about halfway through the grilling time.

Some people put the pots on the grill to “cook” them in the beer, and then move them on your grill to brown. You can do this if you want, but while that does produce a tasty brat, for me I simply soak the brats in the beer for about 8-12 hours then pop them on my grill to cook.

You’ll find that if you follow this guide that you’ll produce some of the greatest tasting brats that you or your guests have ever had. And… You’ll be remembered for it as a great host with magical cooking skills. All done by you on your grill.

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