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CB: Learn Bbq Paleo & Keto Style From 8x Grand Champ
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Grilled Bread

Grilling bread on your grill creates a really tasty treat. Basically the chief thing to remember is to not get the bread too hot. If you do, the bread will char and may even catch fire.

To grill bread it is better to use an artisan-style loaf, but any kind of bread can be grilled. I find that the less dense, or holier, the bread is the better. This lets the the oil and other flavorings to seep in and offers plenty of pockets and edges to brown on the fire.

Take your bread and, if it is in a loaf, slice it into individual servings and lay them out on a clean flat surface like a cookie sheet. I like to slice them long wise so I have a nice crust back, but you can cut them in vertical slices and you will have two open faces. Create a mixture of olive oil, finely chopped garlic, herbs such as rosemary or thyme and even grated lemon zest into a small bowl. Pour just enough oil mixture into a small plate to allow the oil to cover the plate about a 1/8 inch.

Take your bread slices and lay them face down into the oil for about twenty to thirty seconds. This allows them to soak up some of the oil mixture. Return the slice back to the surface and repeat until all the bread slices have been soaked.

Preheat your grill to medium heat and if you have a gas grill, you may want to get about four or five charcoal briquettes and lay them in a aluminum pan or make one with heavy aluminum foil and lay it on top of your stones or ceramic briquettes. This will allow some of the smoke from the charcoal to flavor your bread. (Actually, I do this for most all my grilling.) The aluminum pan allows you to remove the charcoal without getting all over your grills briquettes or stones.

Take your bread slices and put them on your grill face down. if you halved the bread with one open face and a crust side, take a brush and brush some of the oil mixture onto the crust backs of the bread. Take care not to get too much oil on the brush as the excess oil will drip into the fire and may cause flair-ups. The bread takes about 2 minutes per side to get the right degree of doneness, but keep an eye on them as you don’t want them to burn.

When done, take the bread off your grill and sprinkle on some salt and pepper while the bread is still hot and cover in a bread basket or cover with towels to serve. You will be enjoying some of the best bread you ever had, and you did it all on your grill.

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