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CB: Learn Bbq Paleo & Keto Style From 8x Grand Champ
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Grilled Corn on the Cob

Grilling corn on the cob on your grill is easy. First, you must start with the most fresh and crisp corn in the husk as is available in your area. Check your corn by peeling a top corner back at the husk and silk, and examine the contents. The kernels should be shiny and dry, the silk should be fine, slightly moist, and cream to pale yellow in color. Some bare spots at the cob are okay, as long as they are dry and white. Any brown, black, or mushy spots on the kernels, cob, or silk denote problems, and these pieces should not be used.

Now that you’ve chosen the freshest produce, it’s time to grill the corn on the cob. Start with a covered container that will hold all of your corn. Make sure it is sufficient to hold all the corn submerged in water. For large parties, you could use a new plastic trash can, or an ice cooler. Fill the container 1/3rd full of water, and add about one teaspoon of salt per gallon of water. Submerge the corn, husk and all, into the container, making sure that it is completely covered, and let it soak for no less than twenty minutes.

Begin grilling the corn before the main course, as it will benefit from some steaming time after it has been taken off of the direct heat. Place your soaked corn husks on the grill over a medium flame, and turn it four times in five minute intervals, giving you a total cooking time of twenty minutes. During this time, empty the water from the corn container and ready it for the cooked corn.

When the corn comes off of the grill, place it back into the container. Seal the container with its lid to allow the corn to stay warm and continue cooking while you prepare the rest of your meal.

If you wish, you can char the corn. This makes the corn on the cob look grilled and adds flavor. To do this, shuck your cooked corn and place it back on the grill for approximately 8 minutes, turning four times at two minute intervals, or until the corn has reached the desired appearance. To finish off your masterpiece, offer a bowl of melted butter with a basting brush for convenience, and enjoy the compliments you deserve by grilling corn on the cob on your grill.

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