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Grilled Filet Mignon

Grilling filet Mignon can be a worrisome task, as it is a costly meat and few dare to pay such a price for experimentation. A tender, rich cut of beef, filet mignon is renowned in French cuisine, and also makes up the smaller side of a porterhouse steak. You know, the side that falls onto your fork with the slightest suggestion of pressure. The side that you eat first is the side that makes you wish your meal would never end. You can bring it home and make it great, with these tips for grilling filet Mignon.

Whatever spices and seasonings that are to your liking will be easily accentuated by the unique flavor of this cut of beef, from blackened Cajun style to the slightest hint of garlic and oregano. This extraordinary cut of meat does not require marinade, but does accept it well should you decide on a sesame or ginger oil soak. Be sparing with the application of salt, however, until just before the meat is placed on the grill. Salt naturally draws moisture out of everything it touches, and there is no need to lose much coveted moisture prior to the cooking process.

If you have chosen a marinade, your meat will be set to go within an hour. Dry spiced meat will be ready right away. Your grill should be set to a medium flame intensity, and left to preheat for at least 15 minutes. The grates need this time to completely absorb the heat around them so that they can radiate it back onto the meat. When grilling filet Mignon that is less than 1 inch in thickness, you will have a shorter cooking time. Most filet cuts are over 1 inch in thickness, and this poses a difference in normal grilling procedures.

Filet mignon that is less than 1 inch in thickness will need:

  • 2 minutes per side for a Rare temperature.
  • 3 minutes per side for a Medium Rare temperature.
  • 4 minutes per side for a Medium temperature.
  • 5 minutes per side for a Medium Well temperature.
  • 6 minutes per sides for a Well temperature.

You will never need to leave this cut on your grill for longer than 12 minutes total, as the cooking process continues as the meat congeals off of the heat, and overcooking will only deplete the natural juices from your filet Mignon . When grilling filet Mignon with a thickness greater than 1 inch, all of the above steps still pertain. After the filet is tightly seared on both sides following the above procedure, you will need to turn it once more on each side, adding one minute to each of the above listed times. Allow your filet Mignon to settled and congeal for at least 5 minutes before serving. Congratulations! You cooked filet Mignon on your grill!

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