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Grilled Pizza

grilled pizzaOnce you have experienced grilled pizza, it will have you turning your nose up on any other kind. Grilling pizza on your grill is not as hard as you probably think. The results will totally and completely surprise you and those that you allow to share your creation with.

Like grilling bread, grilled pizza starts with grilling the pizza dough. The dough you start off with needs to be a better, tougher dough than what you can get in those little flat boxes at the local supermarket. So understand you will have to “roll your own” dough to get the strength you need for grilling. I know this may sound like a hassle, but when you sink your teeth into this scrumptious delight, you will never feel this way ever again. In fact, you will probably think this is one of the most fun things in this operation. After you do this a couple of times or so, you will want to play with the dough such as adding cheese in the edges and such.

NOTE: This article assumes you have prepared pizza dough. If you need to know how to make pizza dough, then CLICK HERE to get a great recipe for making the dough.

* Begin by rolling out your dough to about a quarter inch thick. Try to keep the thickness uniform throughout the dough. Make sure you keep the dough well flowered. Roll your dough into several 8-10 inch “rounds.”

* Grate your cheeses into bowls and setup all your side toppings needed for your pizza.

* Prepare a chopped garlic and butter mixture. You can add other spices here as desired.

* Next, make sure your grill grids are clean. If not, get a brush and clean them really good. Your pizza dough needs to be able to slide around on the grids without sticking. Sticking dough could create a hole in it that could cause trouble later. Holes in the dough can be fairly easily patched so when you first start out, you might keep a little extra dough around for patches.

* Take a basting brush and coat the grids with coconut oil to help keep the dough from sticking. Coconut oil is used because it has a high smoking point. Extra virgin olive oil is from the first press of the olive and will break down into trans fat from the heat. If you want to use olive oil then use “Pure Olive Oil” as it is made from the third or forth press and has a higher smoking point. Do what you want, but I use coconut oil for oiling my grids.

* Light your grill and set it up, if you can, to be hotter on one side than the other so you can put the topped pizzas on the cooler side. If you can’t, then you can move the topped pizza to your oven at 175 degrees or so to keep them warm until serving time.

* Start cooking your topping such as chicken strips, sausage, steak, etc to your pleasure. Don’t forget to grill any veggies as well. Mushrooms, onion, tomatoes all taste great grilled.

* With your basting brush, brush on your melted chopped garlic and butter mixture all over the top of your pizza dough rounds. This helps keep the dough surface moist and allows it to brown creating a sort of seal on the dough. This is the same effect as searing meat. Searing helps keep the juices inside of the meat. Take care not to get too much oil on the brush as excess oil may drip into the fire and may cause flair-ups.

* Then… take your rolled pizza dough rounds and place them on your grill. Lift the edges slightly to make the dough into a slight bowel so your toppings don’t run off into the fire. You can grill them on just one side or both sides, but play with this a few times until you decide which way you like it best. I like to lightly brown the dough and turn them 90 degrees so that the grid marks make a checkerboard pattern on the bottom. This also tends to make the pizza a little more rigid.

* Apply your sauce to the top of the pizza dough and add your cheese.

* Add your other toppings and close the grill lid to bake.

* Bake your pizza on medium heat for around 5-10 minutes or until done. Don’t just set a timer and come back when it goes off. Remember the extreme heat from your grill can burn through your pizza crusts quickly, so keep an eye on your pizza as cooking times change with different toppings and dough thickness.

If you cannot bake all the pizzas you need in one setting, place finished pizzas in your oven at around 150-200 to keep them warm before serving.


Yum. You have just created one of the best pizza delights imaginable, and you did it right there, on your grill.

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