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CB: Learn Bbq Paleo & Keto Style From 8x Grand Champ
CB: Learn Bbq Paleo & Keto Style From 8x Grand Champ
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Grilled Pork Chops

Grilling pork chops on your grill is a straightforward process, based on the cut of meat that you choose. Many cuts of pork are high in liquefiable fats which tend to drip and cause flare ups, the grilling process changes some per cut. When grilling any meat that contains a bone requires more time, and there is a greater risk of drying out before it is thoroughly cooked. Another common issue is overcooking the pork based on fear of food borne illnesses. Let’s try to clear up some of the questions involved with grilling pork.

Pork chops or pork steak, as mentioned, is derived from many cuts of meat held together by fatty tissues. This cut is delicious when prepared correctly, and a medium flame should start you well on your way toward success. When preparing the pork for the grill, try to salt the side which is going down on the grate first, and leave the other side unsalted until just before you flip the pork steak. Salt is a natural absorbing agent, and pulls the moisture out of the meat. It is best left as the final ingredient for any meat. This cut should be cooked for approximately six minutes per side, while you watch carefully for flare ups. A spray bottle of water is a handy tool to have around for this purpose.

Center cut pork is one of the finest choice cut for grilling, and they take marinade and spicing very well. Garlic is a great enhancement to the natural flavor of pork, or you might wish to try a sage or mint rub for a new twist on a classic flavor.

Remember to salt as the last step before cooking, as the salt draws precious moisture from the meat. A bone in pork chop should be cooked over a low to medium flame for at least 8 minutes per side. For a boneless chop, the cooking time per side should be around six minutes, and the flame slightly higher.

When grilling pork tenderloin, it is important that you remember how delicate this meat is. The loin should be cut against the grain into one inch or thinner portions, and the flame should be set at the lower side of medium. The lean pieces of pork don’t tend to cause flare ups, but you may still want to keep close watch just in case. The cooking time for this cut is approximately four minutes per side, with a five minute stand before serving for congealing and inner steaming. Have a great meal! And it will be because you cooked it on your grill.

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