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Grilling Basics

This grilling basics page is more for the people new to grilling. It will help you come up to speed by introducing you to information needed to get started in a more proper order. It will help you build your arsenal of grilling knowledge quickly.

Here is a listing of pages you may want to read in the following order:

1. Grilling Vocabulary What’s all the words mean?
2. Grilling Hardware What kind of grill do I need?
3. Grilling Tips Taking care of your grill.
4. Grilling Temperatures Understanding heat. (for grilling – get your mind out of the gutter.)
5. Grilling Methods Find out about some of the different methods of grilling.
6. Grilling Accessories Some of the cool TOYS you need to have in your grilling tool belt.
7. Grilling Pantry Some of the cool flavorings and stuff you need to have on hand that will make you the “Grill Master of the Universe”…or maybe, the neighborhood. Who knows?