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Grilling Methods

There are two basic methods of cooking on your grill. These are the direct grilling and the indirect grilling methods.

Direct grilling means that the food is placed on your grill directly over the heat source, whether it’s electric, charcoal, hardwood or gas. Just about any kind of food can be directly grilled. This includes about all meats, fish including shellfish and many or most vegetables. You can can also cook bread, and even some fruits using the direct grilling method. This method of cooking cooks food faster and you must continually watch your food closely to prevent it from burning or charring. Direct grilling over intense heat, sears the food. Searing coats the outside with a tasty brown crust loaded with flavor.

Indirect grilling means that you cook foods with some type barrier between the heat source and the food. This could be nothing more than using one burner and pushing the food off to the side of your grill that is not on. You can also create indirect grilling by placing a drip pan between the coals and the food being cooked. In fact! Since food cooks slower using the indirect grilling method, you should always use a drip pan to catch the dripped fat or other substances from the food and keep it off the coals, burner and the bottom of your grill. You may want to add some water or another liquid such as broth or apple juice to add moisture and keep the food from drying out while it’s being slow cooked.