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Grilling Tips

You can be cooking on your grill longer if you keep your grill in good condition and working order. If you are new to grilling or a long time griller, here are a few tips that will make your grilling experiences safer and more fun.

    • Read your grills manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly before grilling for the first time and periodically from time to time to refresh yourself on its features and potential hazards.


    • Inspect your grill for anything that may need to be replaced, adjusted or chased away before lighting the fire.


    • When lighting your grill, Open its lid. This allows fresh air to enter, and also should there be a delay in lighting, will not allow sufficient pressure to build up that will blow the lid open or worse.


    • Let the grill heat up according to the manufacturer’s instructions before adding your food. Food such as meat likes to stick to a cold grill rack.


    • Close the lid while cooking and keep the grill away from deck or patio edges and any structures.


    • Move the grill out from anything that could be damaged or catch fire above the grill, including wind chimes, plants or anything else.


    • Keep sleeves and long hair away from flames.


    • If you have a propane grill, store any gas tanks outside.


    • Keep the grill as clean as possible. If you can’t wipe the food residue off, turn the grill on high and burn it off. To prevent sticking on any rack, apply a light coat of cooking oil to the rack while the rack is cold.


    • If your grill is gas, remember to shut off the gas feed when you are finished cooking. It is not sufficient to just set the flame control to ‘off.’


If you follow these tips, you will have a longer lasting and a safer grill, so you’ll be cooking more on your grill.