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Grilling Tuneup

After a while cooking on your grill for a while, you’ll find that you will need to tune it up from time to time. This is relatively painless if you follow these steps.

    • GAS GRILL:
      1. Make sure the gas is off.
      2. Remove the grill rack and stones or briquettes.

      1. Clean the burners and venturi tubes. Venturies are the tubes that mix air and gas and feed it to the burners. They need to be clear to work properly. The tubes make good homes for spiders and insects during the off-season. Even a small blockage can become a fire hazard. Remove the entire burner/tube assembly and clean with soapy water. Clean the holes with a wire brush, paper clip or toothpick. Replace when dry. Check the burners. Food acids can cause the burner to corrode. Check for rust and replace if necessary.
      2. Try the igniter with the gas off. You should see a spark at the electrode tip. If you do not see a spark, check to see if the wire is loose. If the electrode is cracked or dirty, replace it. When you try the igniter later with the gas on, the spark should ignite the burner. If not, the venturi may be clogged. Go back to step one.
      3. Check the gas supply line. Hoses can develop dangerous leaks over time. Cooking residue also accumulates on hoses. Animals such as mice and squirrels may find them appealing as a snack and chew on them. Turn the gas on. Rub a light coat of soapy water on the hose and look for bubbles. Replace the hose if necessary.
      4. Follow the steps for a charcoal grill.
    1. Clean the grill body, inside and out, especially the inside of the lid. Scrape and remove built-up grease from the interior. The exterior can be sanded and repainted with specially-formulated, heat-resistant grill paint. If your grill has grease traps, keep them clean and empty them regularly throughout the season.
    2. Clean the cooking grid. Replace the stone or briquettes.

If you follow these tips, you will have a longer lasting and a safer grill, so you’ll be cooking more on your grill.