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Grilling With A Smoker Box

Using a Smoker Box while grilling is an excellent way to give your meals a great full, smoky flavor. You can find them in all sizes and prices. They’re perfect for smoking fish, steak, ribs, chicken and more! I recently got one and found it easier to get that great smoky taste on small meals than using my big smoker. Of course, if I had a big cooking job, I’d elect to use the smoker, but for small cooking chores, you might find that using a smoker box is a great way to go.

V-smokerBoxTo use your smoker box, get a bag of wood chips like hickory or mesquite chips (Don’t use chunks)

  • Soak wood chips for approximately 20 minutes. (or a full day.)
  • With the lid open or off and fill box with wood chips.
  • Place smoker box on top of rocks or briquettes on one side of the grill.
  • Light your grill, as you would normally.
  • When smoke appears, start the cooking process.
  • Smoke will last approximately 15-20 minutes and will enhance the flavor of your favorite dish.
  • Before reusing the Smoker Box, dispose of ALL the residue in the box, refill with FRESH wood chips and reuse.

TIP: What I do with my smoker box is: Put it in when I start the grill. I then go ahead and start cooking my meat as normal, making sure I sear the meat before the box starts smoking. Once the box starts smoking, I turn down or shut off the side of the grill opposite the smoker box and transfer all the meat to that side. (opposite the smoker box) The meat should be already seared and just about cooked by now, and now we are mostly just flavoring the meat with the smoke from the smoker box.

Different wood chips used for smoking:

  •   Hickory is a great all-purpose wood, especially recommended for all cuts of pork, bison and beef but work well for pretty much any other food as well.
  •   Mesquite, similar hickory, is a great all-purpose wood as well but has a lighter more airy taste. It recommended for all cuts of pork, chicken, fresh water fish, goose and duck.
  •   Apple is exceptionally good for fish and fowl. The greener the wood, the sweeter the smoke flavor that will be imparted.
  •   Other fruit woods, such as cherry, mulberry, pear and peach are good for fish and poultry, including any wild foul.
  •   Grapevine is also good for fish and poultry, including any wild foul.
  •   Pecan is another good all-purpose wood, recommended for all cuts of pork.
  • Persimmon is great with beef, bison or pork. It is also good for wild game as it sort of covers or counters that ‘wild’ taste.
  •   Sassafras’ bark, roots and wood chips of  are good for a great smoke flavor in fish and poultry.