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SeaBear Smokehouse Wild Smoked Salmon
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Meat Doneness

Knowing meat doneness is useful for cooking or ordering food from your favorite restaurant. This is a skill truly many people think they have but in reality only wish they even understood. I found that when some people cut into their meet, that they really only know it’s rare if it’s dripping blood. Few really know that there are many different degrees of doneness.

Meat doneness relates to the internal temperatures and for how long the meat was cooked. And it doesn’t really matter which way the meat was cooked. Medium is medium no mater if you grill it, bake it or fry it. The method of cooking simply imparts the different attributes of the method. I.E. Grilling imparts the smokey flavor we have come to identify as food cooked on the grill.

Do not forget that meat continues to cook when removed from the heat source. Also you should take in consideration of the “Rest Time” before serving. Click here for more info about resting times.

Here is a small graphic I found on the net that shows doneness in steaks.


If you are looking to cook anything to perfection, you will need to have a thermometer and also a meat temperature guide. Simply using timers is the easy way out that produces food to eat, but hardly ever that “Cooked to Perfection” taste that truly defines a notable chef.