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Non Stick Grilling

NonStickGrillHow many times have yo been grilling that wonderful breast of chicken or fish, just see a big portion of it stay on the grate when you turn it or try to move it off. If you grill often, it is almost every time. I’ve even done it with the heavier meats such as burgers and steaks.

That’s where this handy trick for making your grate non-stick comes in. You can easily prepare your gill so your food will not stick without resulting to those unhealthy or messy oil sprays.

Cut the potato in half and poke a fork in it so that the white fleshy part is facing out. Rub the open side of the potato back and forth on the hot grate. Repeat this several times until the potato juices completely cover the grate. And that’s it! The starch from the potato creates a non-stick barrier that will help keep certain foods (like meats and fish) from sticking to the surface.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube demonstrating this: