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Ah… Grilling…

No other type of cooking gives food such a wonderful smoky flavor as grilling. Not roasting, frying, sauteing, boiling or poaching. Grilling can be done inside or outside, but cooking on your grill outside is absolutely the best.

People have known how great foods can taste on an open fire for a very very long time. I think it’s even in our blood.

Early cave man toiled heavily to acquire and maintain his fire so he could be warm and cook his food. He traveled immense distances to get both his food and his fire. But, when he finally came to rest, ate this food cooked on his open fire… He looked up in the vast, black, star filled sky and smiled. And he smiled big…and whispered…

“Autra.” (Fire) (from the movie: Quest for Fire)

Somewhere, cave man experienced a particular euphoria that imprinted this utter delight with his food being cooked on an open flame into his DNA. Thus, here we are, millions of years later, in the twenty first century cooking our food on our grills and loving the flavor that we simply cannot get from any other source.

So it’s no wonder that grilling has become a social event that invites all types of people to participate. Outdoor grilling is often the hub that congregates friends, neighbors and family around the grill to share their stories, trade recipes, bring their coveted special recipe dishes and even help cook. Often times when you are involved in meals that includes eating outside, somewhere in the center of all the activities, there will be a backyard gourmet sporting their own masterful grilling skills behind their grill. And that master griller showing off their tasty grilling treats can be you creating great meals all on your grill!

Where best can you find a great place to help you get fantastic recipes, tips and techniques, than this web site? Since you found us, you should consider “OnYourGrill.com” as one of your major grilling information resources. Bookmark us so you can easily come back to get wonderful grilling ideas.

OnYourGrill.com is simply a wealth of information containing years of grilling and cooking information.

And, we’re sharing it here with you.

In the “OnYourGrill.com” newsletter “The Sizzle“, we share many recipes, tips and techniques of years of grilling expertise.

Much of the information we provide on both the web site and our newsletter come from our own tried and tested, tasty discoveries. Others are from different sources. There are some recipes for grilling that are even from my own grandmothers cookbook, Others come from the Internet, while still more come from staff and even our own newsletter subscribers.

There are many different recipes for grilling along with tips, techniques and other information on the OnYouGrill.com site. If you are just beginning your own climb to “grilldom,” then I recommend clicking on the link “Grilling Basics.” That page will lead you through some of the page links seen above on the right, but with an order different than just alphabetical. By vastly increasing your arsenal of grilling knowledge, who knows, you may be on your way to grilling stardom.


Grilling For Dummies

Grilling For Dummies books are really a hoot. I have always enjoyed them because they are written for the beginners and experienced too. I still use mine, and have little tabs in them for easy reference. Maybe its the “dummies” that don’t have em in their house. Check them out, and you’ll be cooking great stuff on your grill.

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